Barry Salzman – A St. Petersburg Social Security Disability Attorney

imgMany people have medical conditions that prevent them from working and consequently face disability. Too often, they are confused by the application process, or worse yet, are denied benefits. Barry Salzman has made a career out of fighting for those who need help the most.

Social Security Disability (SSD)

Applying for SSD benefits is not an easy task and more than half of first time applicants are denied benefits. Fortunately, Mr. Salzman has an impressive track record of handling cases that have been denied, and often denied more than once, and ultimately prevailing. As a St. Petersburg Social Security disability lawyer, Mr. Salzman knows how to speak the language of Social Security; it is not enough to merely recite the medical condition of a claimant, it is essential to explain how that medical condition impacts the claimant’s life.

Other Practice Areas

Social Security is but one program that is designed to provide benefits for those who can no longer work. In addition to his practice as a St. Petersburg Social Security disability attorney, Mr. Salzman has extensive experience in:

  • Disability Insurance; many companies offer disability plans, either as a benefit to employees or as an optional program. Unlike Social Security that only recognizes permanent disability, most disability insurance plans cover both short term and long term disability.
  • Veteran’s Disability; if you have s service related disability concerning past disability benefits, Mr. Salzman may be able to assist you.
  • Workers’ Compensation; injuries on-the-job while working while working for Florida employers.


For over 40 years Mr. Salzman has zealously represented his clients. Admitted to practice before all Florida state courts, all Federal courts in Florida and the U.S. Supreme Court, his AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell truly sets Mr. Salzman apart as an elite lawyer.

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Navigating the bureaucracy of any disability program is complex and frustrating and often ends in denial. Don’t go it alone. Have a dedicated, experienced advocate on your team. Call Barry Salzman, Attorney at Law at (727) 321-4993.